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Calling all Creatives for 2019! Unified Beauty is coming to you Soon!

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Event Schedule

Friday May 3, 2019

9:30am - 3:30pm - S Salon will be hosting DJ Muldoon for a class doing 6 cutting techniques

Saturday May 4, 2019

9:00am – 4:00pm - DJ will be teaching a cutting class at the Event Center and Lounge

***20 tickets available

12:00pm - All local creatives will be prepping the models for the show at the Event Center and Lounge

1:00pm - Volunteers and others will be setting the event up.

5:00pm - Doors open

Watching local creatives work on their models

Wine tasting and appetizers provided

Swag bags and photo opportunities

6:00pm - Opening speech

Give guests opportunity for live donations on projector screen

6:15pm - Local creatives finish looks on stage in 15min increments

Audience votes for favorite look ($5 per vote)

7:30pm - Model walk & stage reset

7:45pm - DJ takes main stage

8:45pm - Closing statements

9:00 pm to Midnight - After party at the Event Center and Lounge

Sunday May 5, 2019 Breakfast & Business w/ Ronit Enos

10:00 am - 12:00pm

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Dear Owner,

You are invited to Unified Beauty presents Wigs and Wine featuring DJ Muldoon - Former Vidal Sassoon Academy Creative Director and author of the Paul Mitchell Cutting System.

As stylists and salon owners, we are constantly growing and building our businesses. This event gives you an opportunity to network with other salon owners and talk with guest artists. Being from Alaska, we have rare opportunities to sit and network at events like these, but now’s your chance. For only $99.00 you can come for wine tasting and appetizers, watch local platform artists perform their talents, mainstage technical cutting performance by Dj Muldoon, and finish the night with an after party.

This year we are presenting Wigs and Wine, a spin-off of our annual summer Wigs and Beer event at Lavelle’s Taphouse. We are also switching it up a little bit. Instead of raising money to provide wigs for our salon, we want to grow. We are raising money for other salons to join the Wigs and Wishes journey and offer those wigs to people all over the state.

To receive the startup funds for your own Wigs and Wishes program, you must:

    • Attend the event with the owner and at least 1 other salon representative

    • Sell a minimum of 10 event tickets

    • Go to http://www.wigsandwishes.com for more information and sign up for the program

Other ways you can help - monetary donations, participate in education, and share on social media.

At the event, we will have a live donation tally on a screen as the night goes on. This money will be put towards your salons wig account.

This event is open to the community. We hope to see you all there! If you have any questions our concerns do not hesitate to contact our email ssalonandstudio@gmail.com



Dear Stylist,

You are invited to Unified Beauty presents Wigs and Wine featuring DJ Muldoon - Former Vidal Sassoon Academy Creative Director and author of the Paul Mitchell Cutting System.

On May 4th, 2019 from 5:00pm to 9:00pm, we will have our Unified Beauty event at the Event Center and Lounge. Tickets to this event are only $99.00! Wine tasting and appetizers start at 5:00pm. During this cocktail hour, guests will roam around admiring the work of our local platform artists as they create their stage ready looks, take photos and pick up a swag bag.  The night will lead into live donations for Wigs and Wishes, finishing looks on stage of the models from the local creatives, and a look and learn of technical cutting skills by DJ Muldoon. The night would not be complete without an afterparty! This will be held at the Event Center and Lounge with a bar and music by Tony Taylor. This night will be one to remember!

This isn’t all we have to offer. On Saturday May 4th, DJ Muldoon will have a hands-on Knowledge Destroys Fear Class. This class is valued at $450 and you can buy tickets for only $300. This class will include your mannequin head. You will need to bring your shears, combs and clips. This class is a part of DJ’s worldwide tour “Knowledge Destroys Fear”. In this class you will be able to ask questions, learn, network and become inspired.  

Unified Beauty is such an amazing event because we have limited opportunities to continue our education in this industry right here in Alaska. There are so many things we all have to learn and so many ways to become inspired. Join us on May 4th at the Event Center and Lounge to have an amazing and inspirational night with all your peers.


We are looking for 12 artists to perform at this years Unified Beauty Event. These artists will be showcasing their talents behind the scenes during cocktail hour and finishing their desired look in 15 minutes on stage. All models will have a wine inspired look. This can be their hair color, makeup, hair design - the sky is the limit. We will offer two platform artist workshops free of cost leading up to the event to come up with a story board for your look, bounce ideas off of each other and go over the itinerary for the event.

Being a platform artist will put you next to DJ Muldoon, give you a runway ready model, you’ll be invited to an exclusive class with DJ for $300 (valued at $450) and you’ll get your work photographed by a professional photographer. As a platform artist, you will only have to pay an entry fee into the night at $50.00. This covers the cocktail hour, a swag bag, your performance, DJ’s performance, and the after party. Your name will be publicly recognized in association with your model at the event and in the program.

You will need to prep your model during cocktail hour and allow 15 minutes of finish work to be completed on stage. We will open the doors at noon if you need more time before cocktail hour to prep your model.

This is an amazing opportunity to place your work next to DJ Muldoon and take an exclusive class with him. If you are interested please see attached application. You can email it to ssalonandstudio@gmail.com or drop it off to S Salon at 901 Cushman St.

We hope to see you soon!


The 2nd Annual Unified Beauty event is here! Unified Beauty presents Wigs and Wine is a spin-off of our Wigs and Beer event that we host during the summer. We raise money for the Wigs and Wishes Foundation - a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing complimentary wigs to women and children in need and granting wishes to children. Each wig is approximately $300. Wigs and Wishes provides wigs to salons at a lesser price and the salon gives the complimentary wigs to their clients.

We as a salon are so honored to be a part of this journey and our goal is to raise $20,000 for other salons in Alaska to be able to offer this as well. We are hoping to build wig inventories at these salons to give clients options in their communities. This is a big goal and we are hoping that it can be done with your help!  

If you have any questions about donations email S Salon and Studio, ssalonandstudio@gmail.com

2019 Wigs and Wine Sponsorship Levels


Social Media Recognition + Verbal recognition at event


Social Media Recognition + Verbal Recognition at Event + Logo on Photo Booth Backdrop


Social Media Recognition + Verbal Recognition at Event + Large Logo on Photo Booth Backdrop + Social Media Marketing Video


Wigs and Wishes is a non-profit organization founded by Martino Cartier that provides wigs and grants wishes to courageous individuals battling cancer. Supporting such a large initiative is made possible by a network of participating salons, stylists, and global corporate sponsorships. Salons and stylists throughout the world empower woman by providing them with complimentary services that allow them for a moment to forget about their fight. Wishes are granted to children with cancer to brighten their day and bring a smile to their face while fighting life’s toughest battle.

For the past two summers, we have raised money for Wigs and Wishes at our own event called Wigs and Beer. During these events, we raised enough money to send a group of kids to Shaq’s house on a first-class plane ticket to play basketball with him. We also raised enough money to start up our own wig inventory so our clients don’t have to wait a month for the wig to get here. We are so excited for this event because we are passing the torch. We are raising money for salons around Alaska to start up their own Wigs and Wishes journey. This will help them order wigs for their clients that need them.

Go to http://www.wigsandwishes.com to learn more about this program!